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March 17, 2024

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So, you’ve decided to go tiny—congratulations!

Honestly, it’s time. If you’re tired of a life that’s too big, too fast, and too expensive, you’re probably ready for another option. After all, why would you stick with a situation that gives you fourteen measly days of vacation per year and no retirement plan? Fortunately, you are smart. You are reading the Wind River blog because you had the foresight to start changing your life by tackling your most expensive problem (housing) first. Go you!

But how exactly does one ‘go tiny? This is when you Google it, and the whole thing explodes in your face.

It turns out that according to the Internet, it’s illegal to live in a tiny house. Or at least it’s illegal to do so full-time? Or maybe it is legal, but only if you park it in an RV park, but then your tiny house has to have a certification? But what if you want to live on private land? Where do people get the money? And what the heck is a compost toilet?!

If you have ever struggled with how to go tiny, you are not alone. That’s why I started The Tiny House Concierge. I wanted to create a tiny help desk where people could get information and discuss their tiny living plans with someone who knows what they’re doing.

I suppose I should introduce myself.  

So, hello! My name is Alaska. I am a former real estate agent and millennial who couldn’t take the American narrative for one more second. So after doing a deep dive into my values, my resources, and my alternative living options, I quit my life and started over in a tiny house.

Best. Thing. I’ve. Ever. Done.

The Tiny House Concierge
"I help you rethink your housing so you can rewrite your life."

The peace is real, but the pieces? Honestly, even with a real estate license, figuring out how to go tiny was difficult! Most of what I know, I learned the hard way.

With traditional real estate, you usually have a real estate agent, an escrow company, and a title rep to guide you through the steps. But when most people go tiny, they complete the due diligence process on their own, which is risky because a house is an expensive mistake to make if something goes wrong!

But don’t worry, you don’t have to go tiny alone! This is where I come in. I use my background in real estate, combined with my experience of tiny living to help you:


Going tiny is a process, but let me tell you, the payoff is real! Because I live in a smaller house, I now spend less money, and because I need less money, I now spend less time at work. Spending less time at work gives me more emotional bandwidth, and now I lead a life that is better for my mental health, better for the planet, cheaper, and more fun!

If you haven’t gone tiny yet, you won’t know this, but tiny houses are magical. They suck all of the white noise out of your life. You know those people you only kind of like, or those hobbies you only half-heartedly pursue? Yeah, those are gone now. A tiny house will help define what you value and remove all the chaos standing in the way. You’ll be left with a simple life filled with only what you love. In tiny-world, we call this phenomenon “tiny house magic.”

If tiny house magic sounds great, but you’re still concerned that going tiny might be too expensive, too complicated, too against-the-grain, or too overwhelming, I would encourage you to add to that narrative:

My one true wish for the world is that everyone has the time, money, health, access, and emotional bandwidth to live their highest inspiration.

If tiny living is the answer that will help you achieve that, I am here to be your biggest cheerleader.

If you want to learn more about this lifestyle, I have free content on Instagram and YouTube.

Or, if you were ready to go tiny yesterday, you can book a Zoom appointment on my website and I’ll help you one-on-one.

Whatever your journey looks like, I wish you tiny house magic!

The Tiny House Concierge

Alaska is the founder of The Tiny House Concierge, a company that provides education and consultation services for those looking to go tiny. She is a regular contributor to the Tiny House Expedition blog, was a featured guest on The Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast, and was the 2022 emcee for TinyFest California. She firmly believes that chaos is unassigned energy and in the power of tiny house magic.

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