State-by-State Resources to Help You Plan.

Interested in a tiny home or modular build with Wind River, but aren’t sure what your area allows? Although the regulations are always evolving and vary state to state, we’re here to help you find the info you need and offer support as you research.

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Our team has put together a few recommendations and resources to serve as a jumping off point for your research. Find state-specific baseline information for your area by clicking on your home state or state of interest in the map below.

Tiny Home Zoning Guide.

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Additional Resources.

Looking for more information about Wind River tiny homes and modular builds? Follow the links below to dig a little deeper.

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Whether you’re looking for your forever home, a short term rental property, or to develop a luxe resort to host adventure travelers, find the right solution with Wind River Built. 


From tiny home rental communities to luxury adventure resorts, we bring quality craftsmanship and authentic style to any development project while working to align with your existing brand.

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Our tiny homes on wheels and modular tiny homes are designed and constructed to fit your life or unique housing need, not the other way around, putting right-sized livable luxury well within your reach.

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