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Questions to Ask Your Tiny Home Builder

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Wind River

March 17, 2024

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You’ve made the decision. You’re going tiny! You even found a beautiful piece of land that’s everything you’ve dreamed of. Now a simple search pulls up dozens of builders and you’re instantly overwhelmed. How do I choose?

Of course, we can give you the short answer, which is to look no further than Wind River. But let’s give you the long answer and you can decide the best home builder for yourself!


You’ll want to locate a builder that can work within your budget and timeframe. You might find a builder with an unbeatable price, but you’ll want to make sure that deal doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. The best home builders will be more than happy to detail every part of their build process for you, including materials. Other things to consider when looking for a tiny home builder is how long they’ve been in the industry. Do they have testimonials from happy customers? Do they offer a warranty? (I bet you can guess our answers to these questions!)


When you get your quote, examine every detail. It should list all of the major materials that go into the home. How durable is the siding? Will the insulation fit your weather environment? How do you heat and cool the home? How is humidity regulated? Another key item to note is the hot water heater. Tankless propane hot water heaters will take up the least amount of space and give you the largest supply of on-demand hot water. Top priority discussion items should pertain to the longevity of the home and comfortable living.


Before signing a contract, take a moment to assess the process so far. How easily have you been able to communicate with the builder? What will communication look like during the build and when the home is delivered? At Wind River, we are invested in your build experience and aim for seamless communication throughout all phases of the process. Building a tiny home for someone is a privilege, and we pride ourselves on our collaborative design process and customer communication and support throughout the entire build—such as sending weekly photo updates of your home while it’s in production. We use trusted third-party shippers and provide resources to aid with setting up your home so you can begin enjoying the freedom of living tiny as quickly and headache-free as possible.


Lastly, while shopping local is commendable, when it comes to your home, quality is crucial. Most builders ship across the country, so don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to the tiny home builders near you. We’ve shipped homes from our production facility in Tennessee all the way to sunny California and snowy Maine. Where to next?

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