Homes Built for Freedom.

Ready for freedom? Budgeting for your first home? Is it time to downsize? Looking to invest in your first rental property? Our craft homes offer right-sized livable luxury tailored to your needs with exceptional quality and style always at the forefront.

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Right-Sized Livable Luxury for
Your Exact Needs.

The magic of Wind River homes is that they meet the very real needs of very real people. Some might see a tiny home, but we see a creative home addition, an in-law apartment, a future rental property, and a brilliant investment. A housing solution for now that’s an investment for the future.

Starter Home

The state of the market has made buying a first home more difficult than ever before. That’s where we come in.


Aging and changing needs require us to rethink our housing solutions, and Wind River homes are a great option when it’s time to downsize.

Rental Property

Real estate investments and passive income are a smart financial move, especially when the property can serve a greater purpose before becoming a rental.

The Wind River Advantage.

Traditional construction is notorious for overpromising and underdelivering. Increased timelines and cost are common with weather delays and the challenge of coordinating numerous subcontractors with competing schedules. As this NY Times article discusses, traditional construction is the only industry of its size that is becoming less efficient over time. It's time to innovate. Wind River combines the advantages of off-site construction with our commitment to excellence of both design and craftsmanship – an ideal solution for your home or development project.

On-site build

off-site build

Timelines can vary because they are dependent on environments and multiple contractors.

Reliable construction timelines reduced by an average to 30-50%*

Cost of materials varies depending on contracting companies and vendors.

Set budgets that don't change after contract signing with construction cost savings of an average 10-35%*

Difficult to control quality with multiple QC processes in place.

Ultimate quality control at every stage with a consistent and rigorous plan approval process resulting in more durable homes.

Subcontractors required to complete all parts of build. The vision must be explained at the top of each relationship.

No subcontractors – Wind River is a vertically integrated, all-in-one design and build solution ensuring a clear understanding and execution of your vision.

Build can be delayed if inclement weather occurs.

Our climate-controlled environment ensures building and material integrity and prevents weather delays.

Possible design or function limitations depending on what general contractors you are able to find.

Our pre-construction design process allows you to explore aesthetics and function and think outside of the box of what a local general contractor might specialize in.

Limited control. moving timelines. varying costs.

more control. on time. on budget.

What Dwellers Say About Us.

"Wind River Tiny Homes made my dreams come true and have brought me into a new era of my life that I am absolutely loving! Their whole team is so wonderful to work with. Their designers were super patient with me (a first time home builder), and I love everything we created! The space is so efficiently designed that (combined with the ceiling height) it really does not feel tiny at all. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship used makes the home feel like a luxury resort— beautiful, elegant, and cozy."

- Hannah H.

"The folks at Wind River worked with me to complete my custom build. They worked hard to fulfill my dream, and the result was exactly what I’d envisioned. I can’t speak highly enough about the kindness, expertise, care and professionalism the team at Wind River exhibit. If you want a beautiful, high quality tiny home, look no further!"

- Adrianne A.

"I had an awesome experience working with Wind River Tiny Homes as they built my 36' gooseneck tiny home on wheels! Everyone there is very personable and professional and their craftsmanship is outstanding! Wind River welcomed my input and ideas and they made me feel so welcome each time I travelled to Tennessee to see the progress. I highly recommend Wind River!"

- Stacey L.

"It's been a pleasure to work with Wind River and their wonderful professional team. Wind River provided amazing service from start to finish. Their attention to detail and quality is top notch. Their dedication, design and craftsmanship reflects in my model, the Rutledge. Thank you for building my Tiny Home!"

- Corianna S.

"Awesome from start to move in! [My] three tiny homes were created with a log cabin exterior. I wanted them to look as if they have been on the river forever. WR folks hit it out of the ball park! Visitors are blown away! Thanks WR!"

- Mark L.

"The attention to detail by the carpenters and craftsmen is wonderful. We are thrilled each time we open the doors and see it."

- Chris B.

“It’s awesome not having all the stuff to worry about.”

- Vicki

"After looking through the pictures, we were just in love and the layout and quality were just so much nicer than any of the others we had seen."

- Cassidy and Dawson

Tiny Homes on Wheels vs. Modular.

The chart below describes the key differences in our two product lines. Understanding the parameters of each will help us determine which pathway suits your project best.

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wind river
Tiny Homes on wheels

Wind River
modular Homes

Property Status

Personal property.

Real property that gets deeded to the land.


Built on a chassis, can be relocated.

Only moves once: From the manufacturing facility to the install site.

building Code

Build to Park Model RV Code, and subject to applicable zoning regulations.

Built to residential code and permissible in any residential zoning district.

Square footage

Maximum of 400 sq. ft.

No code-mandated square footage maximum.


Financed and insured like an RV.

Qualifies for traditional mortgage options.


You can be your own project manager.

Requires working with a General Contractor, just like for a site built project.

ADU Permissions

May be a permissible ADU structure (dependent on local zoning ordinances on ADUs).

May be a permissible ADU structure (requires a feasibility study).

Our Process.

Design. Build. Deliver. Wind River is your fully integrated one-stop-shop, from pre-construction design to the expert coordination of shipping.

Complimentary discovery phase to explore the unique parameters and constraints of your project to determine compatibility.

Pre-construction design services for a fully custom and branded design, including tailored deliverables and custom quoting.

Collaboration between all parties to green light your project with full confidence.

Seamless transition into the construction phase and weekly photo updates of progress.

Coordination with the nation’s top modular/volume logistics partners to ship your homes safely to the site.

Find Your Housing Solution with Wind River.

We’re committed to building the right solution for our customers. Wind River has shipped homes all across the US, including Alaska and Hawaii. Click on your state to learn more about how we build with you in mind, and any notable tiny home legislation or tips that may be helpful on your journey.

Helpful Resources.

We want to equip you with all the info you need to make the best housing decisions for you and the people you love. Follow the links below for more details about financing, maintenance, and more.

The Benefits of Right-Sized Living

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How to Finance Your Tiny Home

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How to Care for Your Tiny Home

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Questions Answered.

Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about Wind River builds, financing, and our design-build-deliver process.

See all Frequently Asked Questions.

Customer Stories.

Get a glimpse of what Wind River living and stays are actually like. Read about our builds from real-life customers, the actual humans who own, live in, rent, and visit Wind River modular and tiny homes.

Read more right-size living stories.


"I thought, this is it! I love these guys already, they seem like they do quality work, and I want to make it happen."

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She has financial freedom, a home that reflects what matters most, and an idyllic property deeded in her name in the mountains.

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"I was lucky enough to come visit and participate in the process. I visited Wind River four times, and being able to be involved with the build was great."

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“Living tiny has shown us what we value most, especially that we value family.”

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“I was near retirement age and thought, I’m going to be traveling, and I don’t want all this responsibility of taking care of stuff.”

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“We have a really unique asset to enjoy and share with others.”

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Refine Your Vision.

Looking for inspiration as you plan your right-sized living project? Take a closer look with our interactive map, fuel your creativity with our catalog, or explore our modular ADU models.

Take a closer look with our interactive map.