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Wind River Built is where quality, comfort, and style come together seamlessly. From foundation to finishing touches, let our expert team start crafting your ideal Wind River build today.

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Whether you’re looking for your forever home, a short-term rental property, or to develop a luxe resort to host adventure travelers, find your ideal housing solution with Wind River Built. Ready to get started?

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Our homes, operating practices, and relationships all have something in common. They’re sturdy and sound. Our team cares deeply about what we do, why we do it, and who we do it for, and we know that makes all the different.

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An Open Door


We believe in full transparency of our process and progress from start to finish.

Solid Foundations


We have more than a decade of experience designing spaces for right-sized living.

Built to Last


We care deeply about creating things that last beyond a single season.

Design Build Deliver


We save time and money and ensure the quality of our homes from start to finish.

A Personal Touch


With our hands-on customer experience we are able to adjust projects to specific wants or needs.

Always Building


We think ahead of the projects in front of us and are not limited to only the “available” solutions.

Meet the Team.

We’re passionate about our builds, plain and simple. Our attention to detail, commitment to quality, and appreciation for stylish functional housing drive our work at Wind River, and our crew is fully invested in every customer’s experience.

Customer Stories.

Get a glimpse of what Wind River living is actually like. Read about our builds from real-life customers, the actual humans who own, live in, rent, and vacation in Wind River modular and tiny homes.

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The Ingenity Experience Center needed to be a representation of what fuels Ingenity’s engineering: sustainable, sleek in design, and respectful to the nature surrounding it.

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"I thought, this is it! I love these guys already, they seem like they do quality work, and I want to make it happen."

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She has financial freedom, a home that reflects what matters most, and an idyllic property deeded in her name in the mountains.

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"I was lucky enough to come visit and participate in the process. I visited Wind River four times, and being able to be involved with the build was great."

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“Living tiny has shown us what we value most, especially that we value family.”

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“I was near retirement age and thought, I’m going to be traveling, and I don’t want all this responsibility of taking care of stuff.”

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“We have a really unique asset to enjoy and share with others.”

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Our Partners.

We care about sustainability, best building practices, and community. That’s why we partner with organizations that offer support and help us stay informed as we move and work in the right-sized living space.

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