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Thinking about Idaho tiny homes? The vast beauty of Idaho is perfect for nature lovers. The climate can be quite mild in southern Idaho, while the northern chimney experiences a rather harsh winter.

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Requires effective climate control

Solar power options


Building Considerations.

Foremost, Idaho has been ranked in the top worst winters in the United States. So, what should you look for in a tiny home bound for Idaho winters? Snow can weight quite a bit; you’ll want your Idaho tiny home to be designed with this in mind. Wind River homes are built with highly durable Tuff-Rib metal roofing. We’ll also make sure the roof slope of your home suits not only your site plan, but also wind direction and expected snowfall. Adding heating cable on your roof after it’s in place may also be a good idea to help further manage heavy snow loads.

Another important investment for your Idaho tiny home is good insulation to keep your home comfortable in the frigid climate.  We use spray foam insulation and 2×4 framing. Spray foam has by far the highest R-value available for the tiny home application, and wooden construction allows less air infiltration than steel framing when the temperature rises.

Additionally, we use LP SmartSide for a low-maintenance and durable siding that won’t warp or change with fluctuating temperatures (and which can be painted any custom color you like).

Another consideration for the hotter months is humidity—an important factor for an Idaho tiny home. You’ll want a reliable and efficient HVAC system in your home. You may want to explore other options for dehumidifying your tiny home as well. This will work in tandem with your insulation and framing to keep the hot out and the cool in.

Also, if you’re opting for a more off-grid Idaho lifestyle, investing in solar power could also be a good idea. If the set-up of your Idaho tiny home is permanent or semi-permanent, we recommend a ground mounted solar array. And housing the heavy batteries in a separate outbuilding will allow you to maximize your tiny home’s precious square footage.


Whether you are in Boise, Meridian, or in rural Idaho, we build our tiny homes to suit your needs. Idaho isn’t known to be accommodating to the tiny home lifestyle. However, there is some hope for people who want to use their tiny house on wheels as their full-time residence in the future. Below are some great resources to get you started on your Idaho tiny home journey.

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