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​​Thinking of going tiny in Arkansas? From Little Rock to the mountains, plains, and rivers, tiny living is a great option for residents of the Natural State.

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At a Glance.

Requires effective climate control


Building Considerations.

Arkansas weather can fluctuate immensely. Because of this, it is important to ensure that your tiny home is built with dependable materials. A major investment we make in the quality of our tiny homes is insulation. All of our homes are constructed with 2×4 framing and spray foam insulation. Spray foam has by far the highest R-value available for the tiny home application, and wooden construction allows less air infiltration than steel framing when the temperature rises. Additionally, we use LP SmartSide for a low-maintenance and durable siding that won’t warp or change with fluctuating temperatures (and which we can do in any custom color(s) you like).

Tiny homes are a great option and growing trend here in Arkansas. Wind River Tiny Homes is located in Tennessee, but since we ship our homes all across the country, we build with different conditions in mind. What should you look for in a tiny home bound for Arkansas?

Of course the Arkansas heat can be sweltering, but that’s no worry, we’ve taken this into consideration. Our tiny homes have equally effective climate control and insulation. At Wind River, we’ve already thought about systems design in your tiny home so you don’t have to. Ask us about our HVAC systems and other options for dehumidifying your home. All of this works in tandem to keep the hot out and cold in, making your Arkansas tiny home a relaxing oasis.


Arkansas didn’t get this nickname for no reason, the natural beauty of this state has drawn adventurous people from all around. Arkansas is a very welcoming to an adventurous lifestyle, and Wind River builds homes to match. Below are some great resources to get you on your way to tiny house living in Arkansas.

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