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We are facing a systemic housing challenge. Affordable housing for those in transition is at an inflection point. Young adults starting out, singles starting over, and empty nesters downsizing. It’s challenging to find excellent livability near major metro areas without being swamped by rent. If you have the vision for meeting an authentic need, Wind River will help you make it a reality.


of Americans would consider living in a tiny home.1


of Americans have considered alternative housing options because of high interest rates.1


Single Family REITs outperformed the larger REIT market, post-pandemic.2


Tiny Home market CAGR, 2022-2027.3

Catch the Vision.

Perfect for middle-market cities with job and population growth where single-family residential is not keeping pace with demand. If you want to capitalize on a real need with a smart, profitable solution, we can bring right-sized, livable luxury to your project. A development centered on community and not McMansions.

Attainable lease and rent rates

The privacy of a detached home

Functional modern design

Built to 2018 IRC Code

Shared amenities to foster and build community

Less maintenance

Environmentally progressive

What Developers Say About Us.

“As I look forward to future projects, there's no doubt in my mind that Wind River will be my first call. Their track record of excellence, combined with their commitment to delivering on their word, makes them a standout choice in the industry. I cannot recommend Wind River highly enough – they have not only met my needs but exceeded them in ways that have left me truly astounded”

- William B, Gatlinburg, TN

"Working with Wind River was an exceptional journey. Their ability to transform a vision into reality, paired with their enthusiastic and skilled team made this project a standout experience in my career. I eagerly look forward to the prospect of partnering with them again in the future. Their unique approach, combining creativity with efficiency, has set a new standard for excellence in my eyes."

- Chris Thompson, Rising Fawn, GA

The Wind River Difference.

No partner will care more about the success of your development than we will. Let's provide the market with a new innovative and high-quality solution. Our design and craftsmanship will amplify your tennents' experience, creating durable luxury they can be proud of. Our inside-out quality is built to last. Together, we can build developments that are on time and on budget, and create homes that are both beautiful and functional.

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A Sound Investment.

When you choose to work with Wind River for your project, you can rest assured your investment is a smart one. Our quality product, unrivaled craftsmanship, and customer-centered process are just part of the story. 

We work collaboratively to make sure the project is on-brand. And reaching a growing customer audience keeps your entire brand relevant. Adding the "cool factor" to your portfolio is monetizable:

Answer the call with us by being part of the housing solution American's need.

Faster start to occupancy.

Less maintenance for long term savings.

Who is your Customer?

Modular and tiny homes are an ideal solution for right-sized living and alternative housing that’s attainable without sacrificing quality. Want to learn more? Just enter your email below.

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